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Rev. Floyd C. McElveen  "Brother Mac"     Petal, Mississippi, USA

Author, Retired Missionary to Alaska, National Evangelist, Husband & Father with the late beautiful Virginia, who was loved and is missed by all.

"Brother Mac" has written many books including the classic, "The Mormon Illusion".  Semi-autobiographical, "The Call of Alaska" with stories of his life as a missionary in Alaska.  Another powerful book, "The Compelling Christ" is about salvation.  This book has impressed readers throughout the world and especially in Russia by presenting evidence you never knew existed. Other books written by "Brother Mac" can be ordered at Just type in the name "Floyd McElveen" in the search box under the author's name. He has 4 new books, "So Send I You," "The Late Great American Church," "Faith of an Atheist" and "Islam Exposed," which is sure to create controversy. All can be purchased at or at Amazon.

In the quiet of the evening when you are all alone have you ever asked yourself these questions . . . "Am I really 100% sure that I am saved?" or,  "If I died, am I positive I would go to heaven?" Wouldn't it be nice to really be sure?

     The Clock is Ticking . . .

Pastor Mac has just written a new tract titled, "The Best News You've Never Heard". It is a powerful, yet simple explanation of real biblical salvation, backed with numerous verses to validate its content.

Love to hear from you!

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